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Chaired by Matthew Browndorf, BP Law Group, LLP

BP Law Group, LLP is expanding its breadth in securities laws by taking on more complex securities matters. A shareholder may bring a securities claim against a company or its agent who solicits to sell, offers to sell, attempts to sell, contracts to sell, or option to sell a share of the company stock to the public when the company failed to comply with either the Securities and Exchange Commission or State’s regulations, or breached its contractual obligations.

Securities law originated from the 1929 stock market crash which stemmed from companies and their agents who induced investors to purchase securities on promises of large returns; however, the companies and/or their agents did not or did very little in disclosing relevant information regarding the companies. Majority of the promises and information supplied by the companies and their agents were either incorrect or fraudulent. As a result of the companies and their agent’s tortious practice, the government implemented the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

BP Law Group, LLP recently went to trial on a complex securities matter that involved dilution of stocks and warrants. If you have ever seen the movie, The Social Network, this was a similar matter. Marc Y. Lazo, the Managing Partner of the Irvine, California office tried the case, and Matthew Browndorf and Rudy Ceres, who both have vast experience in securities litigation, assisted him. The case went to trial at the end of 2012 and was concluded in the first week of 2013. Needlessly to say, BP Law Group, LLP secured a victory for their clients against a Managing Partner of Brian Cave, LLP.

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